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THE SIX BASIC DOCTRINES of Christianity (2019)

Every believer needs to establish a sound spiritual foundation because it sets the groundwork for their entire walk with the LORD. Just as a good foundation is required for a sound building, so a proper spiritual foundation is vital for a victorious Christian life. Those who fail to lay a proper foundation are doomed to spiritual immaturity because they have nothing by which to judge what is right or wrong, scriptural or unscriptural, wise or foolish. Simply put, a healthy biblical understructure eliminates feeble spirituality.

Believers who neglect to form a wise foundation can shipwreck their faith altogether, as Paul put it in 1 Timothy 1:19, and find themselves back in the world—in spiritual darkness and separate from God. That’s why this book exists. It’ll help believers lay a quality understructure so that their faith isn’t shipwrecked at some point down the road.

The Bible details the six basic doctrines of Christianity in Hebrews 6:1-2 where they are described as “elementary.” This means “the initial (starting) point” in the Greek. In other words, these six doctrines come first and are therefore the chief teachings of Christianity. They’re “basic” only in the sense that they’re foundational and consequently have priority over other doctrines. They are the SIX CHIEF DOCTRINES of Christianity.

  • The print book is available here for only $6.78 (155 pages)
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