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Your Thoughts Run Your Life!

The book of wisdom says that we need to guard our hearts because it’s the “wellspring” of life. A paraphrase puts it like this: “Be careful what you think for your thoughts run your life.” The word ‘wellspring’ in the Hebrew means “geographical boundaries” and so the text is saying that what you think on – what you dwell on and use your imagination for – will determine the very geographical boundaries of your life, whether good or bad. In other words, how far you go in life or how far you don’t go.

Religion vs. Christianity

Is Christianity just another religion? If not, what’s the difference? This video shows you.

How to Walk FREE of the Flesh

Everyone can relate to struggling with the negative side of their nature, whether it’s something big, like drug addiction or a sexual problem, or something smaller, like overeating or gossip. This Scriptural teaching reveals how you can walk FREE of the flesh.

The Ark of the Covenant in the New Testament

In the Old Testament God’s presence dwelt above the lid of the Ark of the Covenant between the cherubim and the Israelites HAD to physically go to the Temple to encounter God. In the New Covenant Jesus Christ is OUR Ark of the Covenant and he resides in the Temple of God – US – through (1.) the Spirit of Christ and (2.) spiritual regeneration!


On the Day of Judgment unredeemed souls will be resurrected from Hades and judged. Those whose names are not found written in the Book of Life with be thrown into the lake of fire, which is the “second death.” What is the nature of this “second death”? Will these people suffer eternal roasting conscious torment forever or literal everlasting destruction? What does the Bible teach?

The Power of the Tongue

The bible says to “keep corrupt talk far from your lips” and make it a top priority. Why? Because “the tongue has the power of life and death” and therefore negative, destructive, disempowering words will naturally create a climate of death, ruin and failure. Needless to say, learn to utilize the power of the tongue and SPEAK LIFE!

Obtaining Your Desires

God is very interested in your life and has PATHS for you to walk down. Being in God’s will is the best possible path for you to take. It’s not dullsville; it’s exciting. Jesus said he came to give us “LIFE to the FULL.” As you seek the LORD, pay attention to the earnest longings in your heart that stay with you. Why? Because God leads people to fulfill his will by dropping such desires in theirs heart to motivate them. As you acknowledge him “in all your ways” he will cause your thoughts and desires to become agreeable with his will. This video shows you what to do next in a 3-pronged scriptural strategy.

Your Belief Window

Your “belief window” is the lens through which you view life. Christ referred to it as your inner “eye” in Matthew 6:22-23. If your inner eye is bad—corrupted—your belief window will be obscured and you’ll be filled with darkness. You’ll therefore act out of that darkness. This explains that Muslim couple’s heinous actions in San Bernardino, CA, in early December, 2015. How do you clean your belief window and instead be filled with light? Through the washing of the Word of God—both the Living Word and the written Word. The Word of God is truth, which means “reality.” Truth cleanses you from error and reality purifies you from unreality as you are exposed to both the Living Word and written Word.

How to Renew your Mind

Your heart is like soil and will grow whatever “seed” is planted in it, whether good or bad. The Bible says that we need to “renew our minds,” which simply means to change what’s stored in our hearts to the positive. YOU are the caretaker of the garden of your heart: Learn to weed out the bad things and plant good seed. This is “renewing your mind.”

Can I Receive a Healing?

Can you receive a healing? Yes! Jesus said to the people he healed that it was their FAITH that healed them. Healing is a benefit of the gospel (the “good news”). If your healing doesn’t manifest immediately, you’ll need to add perseverance, which is patience. This means continuing in faith until your healing manifests.

How God Sees YOU

Do you know how God sees you? Too many believers see themselves in a negative, unbiblical and ungodly way. You need to see yourself the way God sees you if you want to be effective in His service and fulfill all the works he has for you to do. This video reveals 10 WAYS in which the Bible — the New Testament — describes the believer who’s in covenant with God through Christ.

DRINK UP (from the fountain of life)

The Bible speaks of two “fountains of life” that we need to drink from — the Person of God and the wisdom of His Word; in other words, the Living Word and the written Word. It’s possible to drink from one and not the other and therefore be unbalanced — so drink from BOTH.

The Four Types of Love in the Bible

The English word ‘love’ has different meanings in the Greek and it’s enlightening to understand the different meanings. For instance, when the Bible says that God “so loved the world” does this mean that God has tender affection for every man and woman throughout history, including arrogant, evil people like Hitler? What did Jesus mean when he said we are to love our enemies?

Should Christians RESIST Criminal Acts?

When Jesus said, “do not resist an evil person” did he mean that we shouldn’t resist criminal acts? When criminals threaten ourselves or our loved ones should we just kick back and let them murder, rape, molest and steal? Of course not. That’s not what Jesus meant when he said this. In this video we look at numerous passages on the subject to show that Christians SHOULD resist criminal acts, if possible.

The Fountain of Life Within

God is called the “fountain of life” in the Scriptures (Psalm 36:9). He gushes forth LIFE into the lives of those who draw near to Him. When a person turns to the LORD in repentance & faith God gives them new spiritual life. The LORD reproduces his very nature in his children who are born of his SEED by the Holy Spirit.

Wrong Judging & Right Judging

Judging is a generally misunderstood topic in Christendom. People often quote Jesus, saying: “Do not judge.” The implication is that Christians should never judge anyone for anything ever. Is this true? Is this what the Bible teaches? No. The Scriptures distinguish wrong judging and right judging.

Turn the Cheek — What it Means and Doesn’t Mean

Jesus said, “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” What does “turning the cheek” mean? Does the Lord want us to be “doormats” for abuse? Are we obligated to perpetually “turn the cheek” to arrogant antagonists who repeatedly spit on our peaceable grace and the Spirit’s wooing? Doesn’t Jesus care about justice? This teaching is a BALANCED Biblical look at the subject. As Jesus said, “the truth will set you free.”

Returning to your Vomit

The Bible likens people who repeat their folly over and over to a dog that returns to its vomit and licks it up. It’s absurd. The wise person learns to throw off every thing – every weight – that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles in order to complete the “race” God has for him or her.

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