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Legalism Unmasked -- New Revised Edition (2018)

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This book is about exposing legalism and all that goes with it. What is legalism? Legalism is counterfeit Christianity and legalists are religious hypocrites (fakes). They’re focused on the outward forms of religiosity at the expense of inward reality. As the word ‘legal-ism’ implies, legalists are focused on rules above relationship with God. Consequently, their religious systems are an elaborate system (tangled web) of rules and regulations. It’s all about “the dos and don’ts.”

This spiritual disease puts people into religious bondage and therefore churches or sects that are infected by legalism end up hurting people rather than helping them because bondage is never fun. All legalism can produce is sourpuss authoritarians or dull, impotent automatons (“sheeple”). Jesus Christ, by contrast, came to set people FREE and give them “life to the full.” Needless to say, if you’ve been abused by religious people with a Pharisaical spirit, this book is for YOU.

Legalism Unmasked stresses the antidote to legalism — a dynamic relationship with the LORD, as well as learning to put off the “old man” (the flesh) and put on the “new man” (the spirit). This involves a new way of thinking or, as the Bible puts it, being “transformed by the renewing of your mind.” If believers do this, they’ll be spirit-ruled rather than flesh-ruled and they’ll produce the fruits of the spirit, which are the fruits of God’s Character! Legalism Unmasked is the ultimate guide to legalism.

The 2018 New Revised Edition is more readable and contains 30 pages of additional material, including illustrations and diagrams (292 pages overall).

You can purchase low-priced copies here for about $10; or get the Kindle eBook for only $2.99! Both links allow you to “Look inside” the book.