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THE LAW AND THE BELIEVER: Biblical Proof that Believers are NOT Under the Law (2018)


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What was the purpose of the Law of Moses? Are believers “under” The Law, like the Israelites were in the Old Testament? If we are not under The Law, are we obligated to fulfill it? If so, what parts? And how exactly do we fulfill it if we’re not under it? Also, how does The Law relate to the New Testament believer? And does it serve any purpose in the Church, the body of Christ on Earth?

THE LAW and the Believer tackles all these questions and more. It will empower you with the clear truths of Scripture and help you to effectively answer the false teachers of the Hebrews Roots movement and other legalists.

You can purchase copies here for only $6.99 (150 pages); or get the Kindle eBook for only 99 cents! Both links allow you to “Look inside” the book.