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The Problem with Identity Politics—Including “Gender Identity”

Someone wrote me:

What’s wrong with identity politics? Why do you care? If people have the rights of a free citizen they are entitled to think they are whatever gender they want. You are actively suppressing others’ freedoms with your delicate sensibilities!

It is true that individuals have the freedom to create their own realities, and not just in America, but anywhere on earth, even in a prison cell. It’s a coping mechanism that can help people endure various circumstances.

In one sense, I don’t care what personal realities people create, unless it’s harmful to society one way or another. On the other hand, I care in cases where mental illness is involved because I hate psychological disorders and the sufferings thereof. I want to see people delivered and not in bondage, whatever form that may take.

As far as gender goes, it’s simple: Look down at your crotch and it reveals all. To deny obvious physical reality and DNA is mental illness, not something to be encouraged and embraced by our learning institutions and governing authorities. For instance, a proposed law in Vermont would make taxpayers fund children’s “sex change” surgeries; you can read about it here. When taxpayers are forced to finance the absurdities of a person’s neurosis it ceases to be an individual issue.

Yet we live in a free society, so if an individual is intent on having his/her genitals mutilated in order to (supposedly) become a different gender, that’s their prerogative. While I’m against the practice for obvious reasons, what these people do with their money and time is their business. The problem arises when citizens are forced to finance and even celebrate such misguided endeavors.

Another issue surfaces when citizens are required to refer to an obvious dude with feminine pronouns at the threat of committing a “hate crime.” Not to mention Lib “leaders” mandating free citizens to do things that go against their consciences, like penalizing bakers, photographers and t-shirt makers who refuse to perform certain jobs for legitimate religious reasons. Keep in mind that there are plenty of bakers, photographers and t-shirt designers out there who would love to take people’s money and perform the task in question.

Needless to say, when loony Lib identity politics are preached at our learning institutions as legitimate attitudes/lifestyles it negatively influences our kids, grandkids, their friends & our neighbors. In other words, this kind of lunacy can really screw them up, mentally & spiritually, with the corresponding societal domino effect.

Consider a man who claims to be “transfinancial,” which means a rich person trapped in a poor person’s body. Should taxpayers foot the bill so he can live according to his delusion? Should we purchase him a mansion, an expensive sports car and a yacht? Would it be a “hate crime” if you refused to give him money or address him as Lord Beasley?

While that is an amusing mock example, it’s zeros-in on the problem with identity politics in general. It punishes innocent people and forces them to assist in the delusions of mentally ill individuals. Or, just as bad, it compels honest folks to support the scam of those who use identity politics for personal gain. Fauxcahontas Warren is a good example of the latter. She used trace amounts of AmerIndian DNA to claim minority status and boost her career at Harvard and in politics. She’s 1/1024 Cherokee, by the way, less than the average American.

So identity politics are far from an individual issue. There are many legit reasons why citizens who aren’t perverse LIEberals should care and reject this kind of social insanity. They’re not “bigots” — as loony Lefties are prone to slander — they simply have common sense in regards to obvious reality (the way it really is).

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