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The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth (2015)

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The Bible reveals that there are four stages of spiritual growth. Understanding them is fascinating and will help you SEE where you ARE spiritually and where you need to go. It will also help you to locate where others are so you can understand their position and relate to them accordingly.

STAGE ONE is actually a stage of spiritual darkness where the individual is separate from God and in need of spiritual regeneration.

The next three stages apply to the development of the believer. The Bible refers to these three stages in terms of childhood, youth and maturity (1 John 2:9-14). Too many Christians get stuck in STAGE TWO, which is the institutional stage of growth where believers learn the fundamentals and are dependent upon pastors for their spiritual health. STAGE TWO is strategic and essential, but it’s unwise to get stuck there. This book shows you HOW to keep growing and provides the necessary tools straight from the Scriptures.

  • The print book is available here for $9.95 (258 pages)
  • or get the Kindle eBook for just $2.99!

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