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The Believer’s Guide to FORGIVENESS & WARFARE (2012)

If you are human you’re going to be offended. It’s part of the human experience. The Believer’s Guide to FORGIVENESS & WARFARE offers sound Biblical guidance for believers in all cases of offense, including criminal acts.

Should Christians automatically forgive everyone for everything all the time, no conditions? No. The Bible teaches no such thing. Certainly believers should pray for their offenders and we definitely need to “cast our cares” on the LORD, venting all emotional waste, but neither of these is forgiveness. ‘Forgive’ means to completely dismiss the charge and regard the offender as innocent. The Bible provides precise instructions on when and how to do this. It’s unwise to do it prematurely.

Every subject linked to offense and forgiveness is addressed, such as confrontation, repentance, venting, judging others, tough love, spiritual warfare, overcoming evil with good, righteous anger, godly shrewdness, criminal acts, self-defense and “suffering according to God’s will.”

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